Windows camera lab

This program graps a live camera feed into an image array for processing. The image processing is implemented as a filter chain. The gauss filter is applied first (if used), follwoed by the median filter, and so forth. Windows source code. You need to link with vfw32 Escape: Exit 'i' Toggle canny filter. This is the point of the program 'r' Save to a numbered bitmap file 'c' Configure camera 't' Pause camera 'g' Toggle fast capture 'f' Toggle FPS display 'd' Display difference frame 'q' Decrease threshold1 'w' Increase threshold1 'a' Decrease threshold2 's' Increase threshold2 'v' Enable debug filter chain 'b' Disable filters '1' Toggle gauss filter '2' Toggle median filter '3' Toggle sharpness filter '4' Toggle edgefast filter '5' Toggle laplace filter '6' Toggle sobel filter '7' Toggle emboss filter '8' Toggle threshold filter '9' Toggle erode filter '0' Toggle tracking filter 'e' Toggle edge reduction Device.txt Modify this file with the device number in case 0 does not work Here are some example images

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