ORPP Serial Motioncontroller.

Prototype board

Final board (Top)
Final board (Bottom)
With solder mask

Basically this thing has a serial port, and a bunch of inputs and outputs:

6 Servo out
6 Digital out
5 Digital in
5 Analog in
2 PWM out
2 Open collector out
2 Leds
2 Radio in

Eagle cad schematic
Image of schematic

Eagle cad board layout
Image of PCB

The board interfaces to a PC or runs as a standalone device.

You can send simple serial commands, outlined here, to control the device.

The API is compact and hopefully easy to understand.

Documented here  Printable PDF
Implemented here

Here is an image of the board reading all of the I/O at the same time.

These programs are examples of API usage:

 Windows Server
 Windows Board test
 WindowsCE Board test
OrppCE 1
OrppCE 2
OrppCE 3

Here Microcode for the PIC 16F871 chip.

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