I decided to write an operating system from the ground up, in x86 assembly and C. The idea is to have a boot loader on a DOS formatted floppy. This boot loader loads the kernel (kernel.bin) into memory, and transfers execution to it. The kernel is going to be primarily a scripting engine running in ring zero, both user level scripts and binaries running as fast as possible. I have a boot loader and a basic kernel working. You can rawwrite floppy.img to a disk, and boot that, or you can load floppy.img with an emulator. I use bochs for development. The project is assembled using NASM, and compiled with gcc. Currently working: * Boot loader * Protected mode * A20 gate * Interrupts * Video driver * Keyboard driver * FLoppy driver (read only) * Fat12 driver (read only) * Memory manager * Command shell * Memory manager * Directory browser * Preemptive multitasking It looks basically like a dos/unix hybird. Kernel files Use rawwrite or dd to copy floppy.img to a floppy disk, and boot off of that.

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