This robot is based on the NullBot Robot Platform.


IRC: #nullbot on

This is in active development and I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Client program is able to control the ZipitBot and stream the camera over a wifi link.

Controller board is dsPIC based with an I2C (or serial) interface to the Zipit. 
No hardware mods required.

USB webcam support via USB host mode, powered by a 3.3v to 5v dc-dc converter.

The Zipit is running the Z2Sid userland.

Wiring to the Zipit Expansion Connector

Pin 11: Gnd
Pin 13: USB Data -
Pin 14: USB Data +

Pin 33: I2C Data
Pin 34: I2C Clock

The Camera is powered by a 3.3v to 5v dc-dc converter from the zipit.

Servos are powered by raw battery (7.2v)

Controller board is powered by the zipit.

Zipit Z2
Servos, Hitech HS-322HD Qty: 4
Wheels, Lego 43.2x28 with servo horn glued to hub Qty: 4
Batteres, 3.6v 800 mAh NIMH from cordless phones Qty: 4
DC-DC Converter:
Logitech C200 Camera
NullBoard based on Microchip dsPIC30f4013
Power switch
28 Gauge Aluminum sheet
Double sided tape
Dock connector

Installing z2sid U-Boot
Source Code 0.6.32 - With Swarm Controller

First Test Video
Live Control over the Internet.
POV Control

Contact: nulluser || gmail || com